Corporate Innovation Sponsors

Join the Engine as a Corporate Innovation Sponsor and get access to high-growth companies across Canada. 

Innovation Sponsors get connected to our network of companies in the food and agri-tech sector and have a key role in bringing innovative products to market.


Find out more about our sponsorship opportunities. We’ll find the best solution to support each other and the industry.

Sponsor Benefits


Connect with innovators, researchers, suppliers, investors and customers.


Innovate to bring new products and services to market.


Grow the food and agri-tech economy to leadership on the global stage.

Sustainable Innovation

Sustainability – environmental, social and economic – is a topic of growing importance in global business as consumers increasingly focus on the desire to create a better, more sustainable future for our planet.

Innovation in areas ranging from soil health, animal welfare and responsible resource use to sustainable packaging, renewable energy, eco-friendly ingredients and circular economy approaches to waste reduction will increase the sustainability of food production by reducing its global footprint while also boosting food security and food safety.

Innovative solutions to challenges like lengthening shelf-life, reducing waste and improving food safety will help the sector meet sustainability goals – but can also create increased profitability, competitiveness and market share for individual businesses.

Innovation Sponsors are:

• Advancing sustainable innovation in Canadian food and agriculture

• Sharing and providing input with other food and agri-tech businesses on sustainable practices

• Participating in projects and programs that will promote Canada as a leader in food sustainability and food security

• Promoting your commitment to sustainable innovation and building your brand recognition across the Engine network

• Actively engaging in positive impacts on social issues

Our Sponsors:

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We wanted to talk to experts in agricultural applications of new technologies; they were very obviously the best people to call.

Darren Anderson, Founder & CCO, Vive Crop Protection

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