Bioenterprise, Canada’s Food and Agri-tech Engine, has a standing mandate to provide equal opportunity to all Canadians, including encouraging opportunities to engage young people and attract them to careers in the food and agriculture sectors.

The need for unity around innovation in agriculture, food and Agri-tech has never been stronger. Food security, climate change and sustainability are big themes – and critical issues – for farmers and food producers worldwide, particularly in the northern regions, where growing seasons are short and local weather extremes limit local food production. That’s why Bioenterprise’s Northern Ontario Program has been designed to support emerging businesses operating in the north by providing sector-specific funding, mentors and access to an industry partner network relevant to agri-food businesses. It’s also part of its efforts to encourage innovation and economic development across all regions of the country and support equality, diversity and inclusion in its programming and service delivery. Together, through collaboration, partnership and knowledge sharing we can learn to build a more resilient economy, a more inclusive society, and a cleaner, better future for our planet. 

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Learn about our advisory committees that offer their expertise to our network of scaling start-ups.

Science and Innovation Advisory Committee 

Northern Ontario Advisory Committee

Entrepreneurs require support to bring their products to market.

Bioenterprise’s Engine creates a network of sector-specific resources that address the needs of small and medium-sized agriculture and food business growing in the north.

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We administer funding programs and support services to help you navigate the best opportunities for your business growth.

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Our team of industry experts acts as a sounding board and proving ground for your new business ideas and development opportunities.

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We connect you to our network of industry partners and help build the relationships you need to grow your business.

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Contact Emily Nanne, Regional Manager, to find out more about our programs for Canada’s Northern regions

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