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Bioenterprise is an award-winning, national, non-profit commercialization accelerator, supporting the growth of Canada’s agri-tech industries.

We know agri-tech and work hands-on, providing customized business advisory services, industry and technical expertise, and global connections to advance innovative agri-businesses.

We work with companies at all stages, to commercialize agriculture, agri-food and agri-product innovations.

Online Ontario marketplace expands into local food home delivery

Bioenterprise support accelerates FreshSpoke expansion By Lilian Schaer for Bioenterprise An online Ontario wholesale marketplace for local food has expanded into home delivery and curbside pickup in response to an unprecedented shift in consumer shopping behaviour driven by the COVID-19 pandemic. FreshSpoke opened its first regional distribution centre in Barrie last fall to bring fresh, […]

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AgriBrink Treads Softly

Every time farmers drive equipment over their fields, they’re putting pressure on the soil. And that’s a major issue, both for agriculture and for the environment. “The more compact the soil is, the more it erodes and blows away,” explains Agribrink founder Jake Kraayenbrink. As soil erodes, so do crop yields and profits. That’s one […]

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Farm Health Guardian Tracks and Traces

How do you prevent a minor livestock disease outbreak from becoming a full-scale epidemic? New tracking software from a Guelph-based company may hold the answer. Containing the next Avian Influenza (bird flu) or Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea virus means stopping potential carriers from spreading it from one farm to the next. But tracking the comings and […]

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Greentronics System Boosts Traceability

When a potato grower discovers a batch of spoiled spuds in the bulk storage, tracing the problem back to the specific field location they came from isn’t easy. After all, each storage can contain potatoes from any number of acres. Greentronics co-founder Bill Menkveld believes his company can help.  Since 1994, the Elmira, Ontario-based business […]

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Local Line Creates Big Results for Small Food Producers

If you’re a farmer, baker, butcher or any other kind of small-scale food producer, Cole Jones understands the challenges you face. Making your product is a full-time job, but you still have to squeeze in time for attracting customers, taking orders, making deliveries and a host of other business management tasks. “Multinational food brands have […]

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Modgarden Reaping Big Rewards from tinyFarm

Thanks to Modgarden founder Aamar Khwaja, countertop micro-farms may soon be as commonplace as coffee makers and blenders. Khwaja has spent years developing tinyFarm: a self-contained, chemical-free system for growing microgreens, leafy greens, herbs and certain root vegetables indoors. “I’m likening it to the Nespresso for fresh salads,” he explains. After a career on Wall […]

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Motorleaf gives greenhouse growers an AI edge

For greenhouse operators, accurately predicting the amount of vegetables you’ll harvest is vital. Come up short and you’ll need to purchase more at a premium in order to give buyers what you’ve promised. Produce more than expected and you’ll leave money on the table.  Until now, growers relied on a combination of sampling, weather predictions […]

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Novobind Neutralize’s animal pathogens with precision

Livestock producers and aquaculture operators worldwide fear microbes that carry disease. These pathogens may be too small to see, but they inflict major damage: wiping out poultry, laying waste to shrimp farms, infecting swine herds, and more. They jeopardize food safety and cost producers billions of dollars annually.  Yes, antibiotics offer an important line of […]

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Sedna Technologies Tracks Seafood Quality

Follow that lobster! Sedna Technologies’ tracking system ensures quality across the seafood supply chain. Today, more Asian and European diners than ever are sitting down to Canadian lobster. But just how good is the quality of that crustacean after a journey halfway around the world? Just ask Sedna Technologies. Their high-tech traceability system tells buyers […]

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SomaDetect Measures More in Milk – Instantly

After Bethany Deshpande wrapped up her pitch at 43North’s startup competition last October, she was taken aback by the audience’s reaction. “I thought I was being booed,” the SomaDetect founder recalls. It turns out the Buffalo, N.Y. crowd was mooing, not booing: a show of support for her company’s milk monitoring tool. By the end […]

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Vive Crop Protection Hits the Target

When it comes to pesticides, precision counts. You want to maximize the amount that reaches the pest,” explains Darren Anderson, Founder and Chief Communications Officer of Vive Crop Protection. “At the same time, you want to minimize the amount that escapes into the environment.” That’s exactly what Vive’s nano-engineered shuttle makes possible, providing a targeted […]

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