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National Partners

Corporate Partners are large service providers seeking to collaborate with our network of members and partners in the food and agri-tech sector.

Regional Partners

Regional Partners are key industry players that significantly impact their region’s food and agri-tech sector.

Industry Partners

Industry Partners are producer organizations who are focused on improving farm income through optimized production, marketing, and processing activities.

Collaborative Partners

Collaborative Partners are like-minded organizations such as accelerators, economic development agencies, incubators, not-for-profits and other agencies that assist and support Canadian businesses in scaling up, commercialization, and expansion.

Service Partners

Service Partners offer business services to our network of members such as accounting, legal, tax incentives, regulatory, employee benefits, marketing, financing, talent acquisition and more.

Knowledge & Development Partners

Knowledge & Development Partners are academic and research organizations such as universities, colleges, and applied research facilities that are leaders in food and agricultural research and technology adoption.

Our Sponsors and Funders

The support from our funders and sponsors helps strengthen the Canadian food and agri-tech industry through supporting Bioenterprise’s mandate.

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