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The Bioenterprise team attended an entrepreneurial networking event in Timmins hosted by Link North last month, connecting investors, entrepreneurs, and support organizations for food and agriculture businesses in Northeastern Ontario.

Posted: May 16, 2023
by Bioenterprise

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Bioenterprise attends Venture Timmins innovation conference

The Bioenterprise Canada team was excited to be part of an innovation-themed entrepreneurial networking event in Timmins last month. Hosted by Link North, the Regional Innovation Centre in far northeastern Ontario and a Bioenterprise Canada collaborative partner, and Northern Ontario Angels, the one-day conference attracted more than 70 participants.

Those participants included investors, entrepreneurs and business organizations that support innovation across the Timmins region. The event also consisted of a speed-networking event as an opportunity for attendees to learn more about each other’s businesses and inspire future collaborations.

“Bioenterprise Canada was pleased to support our partner Link North by sponsoring, attending and exhibiting at this special event and to have the opportunity to meet a growing number of their food and agriculture entrepreneur clients,” says Emily Nanne, Bioenterprise Canada’s Northern Ontario Manager.

According to Nanne, a key outcome was the opportunity to raise awareness of the growing number of food and agriculture businesses in Ontario’s far Northeast and the opportunities that exist for the Bioenterprise team to offer more comprehensive support and programs to better serve their needs.

Another benefit was being able to meet other program and funding administrators who may offer collaboration opportunities that can bring additional value to the sector-specific services Bioenterprise offers.

“Ultimately, we want to keep agri-food innovations and businesses growing in the North and remote regions, and having that opportunity interact face-to-face with entrepreneurs and the organizations that support their growth is invaluable,” Nanne adds. “Being able to generate this level of insight directly from those who are passionate about economic success in the North lets Bioenterprise be market-driven and respond to the direct needs of the people actually working and doing business in the region.”

Bioenterprise welcomed Link North as a collaborative partner this past February. Link North works closely with the Timmins Economic Development Corporation, which is part of the Northeast Community Network, a larger regional group of more than 10 communities focused on agriculture and agri-food. It’s part of Bioenterprise’s commitment to supporting knowledge and capacity building and helping entrepreneurs innovate and grow their businesses.


Photo credit: Nene Fortier Photography

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