Partner Blog Feature: Portable system offers in-field potato plant nutrient analysis – INO

Posted: Jun 20, 2023

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INO Acquisition Story

How Picketa Systems Inc. leverages INO’s expertise for more efficient proof-of-concept development. 

Synthetic fertilizers harm the environment. They contaminate water and emit greenhouse gases. Although chemical fertilizer use continues to grow in Canada, the fertilizer’s cost continues to rise.

Therefore, a farmer must use fertilizer wisely; not too much, not too little. Picketa Systems wants to equip agronomists and growers with a portable solution to analyze potato crop nutritional needs.

Read this case study to learn more about :

  • the collaboration between INO, Quantino and Picketa Systems;
  • the challenges faced;
  • the customized services given;
  • the outcome.

To reach Picketa Systems, just send your questions to or contact Maxime Dumont at +1 (506) 475-9787