Partner Blog Feature: ‘Grober Nutrition: Research trials on young livestock’

Since 2009, Grober Nutrition has been conducting research trials on young animals (including calves, kid goats and lambs) at the Grober Young Animal Development Centre (GYADC) located at Discovery Farm Woodstock.

Posted: Jul 10, 2023

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Research trials that can help farmers make better decisions on raising young livestock like calves, kid goats, and lambs are front and centre at the Grober Young Animal Development Centre at Discovery Farm Woodstock.

In 2022, the primary research trials focused on how adding an oregano-based product could influence growth, feed intake and health of Holstein bull calves. In 2023, two research projects will look at calves destined for the veal market and how feeding different volumes and formulations of milk can impact calf growth and health and feeding costs for farmers.

“Over the years, the veal industry has become more price sensitive and with the increase of dairy/beef cross calves, the type of calf entering this market is also changing. Therefore, it is important to investigate how and what is being fed to these calves during the milk-fed period. By conducting these trials, Grober can confidently provide milk replacer formulas and feeding plans to producers that will help them meet their calf growth targets, while protecting their bottom line.”

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