Partner Blog Feature: New “magic partnership” helps tackle food insecurity”

International Zeolite Corp. and Niagara College have announced a formal agreement that will catapult research for methods of increasing food production!

Posted: Apr 3, 2023

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Niagara College and International Zeolite Corp. have formalized a research partnership to help IZC further develop its proprietary grow system NEREA®. Nerea embeds all the macro- and micronutrients that plants need to grow into zeolite mineral particles, which lets plans access those nutrients whenever they need them. The Horticultural & Environmental Sciences Innovation Centre at Niagara College is carrying out the research, which IZC hopes will contribute to increased global food security.

“Niagara College is recognized as one of Canada’s top research College institutions. They are in the process of evaluating our NEREA® grow system, as well as providing us with recommended solutions supporting rapid adoption of our products and solutions by growers in the horticultural segment. We have gained incredible competitive advantage through our partnership with HESIC. This group takes research and development and makes it practical, and we wouldn’t be where we are without the magic of this unique partnership,” says Mark Pearlman

This article and photo was provided by Niagara College’s Research & Innovation division.

Original article can be found here

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