Dave Smardon

Dave Smardon is a forward facing CEO, leading Canada’s top agritech accelerator. Under his guidance, Bioenterprise is navigating the shifting Canadian landscape of food, agriculture, and clean technologies and bringing deep impact locally and internationally through high-growth scaling projects. Dave’s corporate background includes Apple Computer Inc., and Texas Instruments, as well as angel investment and his own entrepreneurial pursuits. He remains a strong advocate for the creation and growth of strong venture capital and acts as an advisor for government, Family Offices, and investment companies to that end. His experience has led him to build a reputation of dependability and expertise, as well as a team of like-minded industry leaders and partners, guiding the Canadian agri-tech ecosystem into the new era of digitization, automation, and emerging disruptive technologies. Dave takes every opportunity to speak on the potential of agri-tech to adopt and expand emerging technologies, the importance of continued support and growth in the sector, and how the ecosystem can work together, through gateways like Bioenterprise, to place Canadian innovation at the forefront of global development.