Westlake’s NAPCO Pipe & Fittings Introduces High-Performance Molecular-Oriented PVC C909 Pipe

Posted: Dec 8, 2021

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New PVC Pipe Features Higher Performance and a Lower Carbon Footprint Than Past Products

HOUSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–North American Pipe Corporation (NAPCO), a subsidiary of Westlake Chemical Corporation (NYSE: WLK), today announced the launch of a new product, molecular oriented PVC (PVCO) pipe. The new PVCO pipe features a lower manufacturing carbon footprint than other water main materials. This investment in state-of-the-art technology expands NAPCO’s production capacity at the company’s Woodbridge, Ontario, pipe and fittings facility.

“Our focus is on delivering pipe and fitting systems that address our customers’ most difficult infrastructure challenges, including product longevity, ease of installation and enhancing water flow,” said Andre Battistin, vice president, NAPCO Pipe & Fittings. “With sustainability and innovation firmly anchored in our corporate culture, we are actively bringing new products to market with lower environmental impacts throughout the life cycle assessment. The new PVCO product line reinforces our commitment by employing new manufacturing technologies that improve environmental footprints while enabling high performing PVC pipe and fittings for our customers.”

During the manufacturing process, the polyvinyl chloride (PVC) molecules are stretched and reorganized to increase material strength. This orientation realigns the molecules in line with the extrusion process to produce PVC pipe that withstands greater stresses from internal pressure, has better impact performance and increased flow capacity and weighs less than comparable C900 products.

Independent studies show PVCO materials have lower embodied energy, or the aggregate of energy expended to manufacture and transport materials, compared to other commonly used pipe options, further improving the environmental profile.

NAPCO’s PVCO pipe is produced with top-quality raw materials and modern processing technology. The pipe meets all AWWA C909 requirements and is certified by third-party listing agencies. In addition, all production undergoes NAPCO’s own rigorous quality control requirements. NAPCO’s AWWA C909 PVCO pipe offering is compatible with NAPCO’s C900 pipe and C907 fittings and accessories, and is manufactured to meet the needs of modern underground municipal potable water, wastewater and reclaimed water systems. PVCO is now available in sizes ranging from 6 inches (150 mm) to 12 inches (300 mm) and NAPCO is currently building inventory in anticipation of spring construction in Canada.

Westlake recently published its 2020 Environmental, Sustainability, and Governance Report, Essential Products, Critical Innovations that features the Company’s activities that have helped drive operational and supply chain process improvements, the betterment of local communities and new, more sustainable products.

About NAPCO Pipe & Fittings

NAPCO, a Westlake company, is a leading North American polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipe manufacturer. Founded in 1992, NAPCO supplies a broad range of gasketed, solvent welded, and restrained joint pipes for a diverse range of markets, including municipal water and sewer, residential plumbing, water well, and agricultural and turf irrigation. The company has a seasoned R&D team driving product enhancements that deliver innovative solutions that meet customers’ most challenging needs. NAPCO offers a large selection of PVC piping and fittings, including brands such as Certa-Lok®, Yelomine®, Certa-Set® and Certa-Flo®. For more information visit www.napcopipe.com.

About Westlake

Westlake is a global manufacturer and supplier of materials and innovative products that enhance life every day. Headquartered in Houston, we provide the building blocks for vital solutions — from building products and infrastructure materials, to packaging and healthcare products, to automotive and consumer goods. For more information, visit the company’s web site at www.westlake.com.


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