Partner Blog Feature: ‘The Salinity Project: Addressing the most common issue across Western Canada’

The Salinity Project at Discovery Farm Langham in Western Canada evaluated different perennial forages’ performance in managing salt-affected soils. The project showed positive results, with forages reducing surface salt concentrations and improving soil characteristics.

Posted: May 15, 2023

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2022 represented the third season for the Salinity Project at Discovery Farm Langham

Research at Discovery Farm Langham in Saskatchewan is digging deep into a common soil challenge in Western Canada: salinity or high salt content. A three-year project looked at the performance of three different perennial forage crops seeded into soil with high surface salt concentrations:  Halo2 alfalfa, AC Saltlander green wheatgrass and a mixture of species sold as Salinemaster. In addition to possible grazing or harvesting value, the forages were found to be effective at reducing surface salt concentrations, with both Halo2 and AC Saltlander outperforming Salinemaster.

Original article can be found here

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