Science and Innovation Advisory Committee

Bioenterprise’s Science and Innovation Advisory Committee was created to tap into the knowledge and expertise of industry leaders, stakeholders, and top researchers.

Through an advisory partnership with the Bioenterprise team, SIAC advisors provide critical expertise to drive industry innovation and bring a competitive edge to Canada’s food and agri-tech sectors.

The purpose of the committee is as follows:

  • Participate in strategy sessions, pitch competitions, and review committees for funding and acceleration programs delivered by Bioenterprise
  • Collaborate, either directly or through Bioenterprise staff, with members of Canada’s Food & Agri-Tech Engine, partners, and other agri-tech stakeholders within the Bioenterprise network
  • Participate at global events including seminars, summits, networking events, trade missions, and/or trade shows
  • Provide or receive introductions to key stakeholders including research institutions, government bodies, service providers, and consultants
  • Facilitate networking opportunities

To learn more about the Science Innovation Advisory Committee please contact Rachel Zimic and/or Sean Simpson.

Meet the Committee

Dr. Rickey Yada

Professor and Dean, Faculty of Land and Food Systems – University of British Columbia

Dr. Alison Duncan

Professor, Department of Human Health – University of Guelph

Dr. Lord Abbey

Associate Professor, Department of Plant, Food and Environmental – Dalhousie University

Dr. Nuwan Sella Kapu

Manager & Specialist, Green Bio Products – University of British Columbia

Dr. Tim Sharbel

Professor, Researcher Director, Plant Sciences – University of Saskatchewan

Dr. Mike Lohuis

VP of Genetics, Research Innovation – Semex

Dr. Colin Yates

Chair, Research and Innovation – Fanshawe College

Dr. Mike Dixon

Professor, Environmental Sciences – University of Guelph

Dr. Lenore Newman

Director, Food and Agriculture Institute – University of the Fraser Valley

Dr. Tarlok Sahota

Director Agricultural Research Station – Lakehead University

Dr. Dominique Bureau

Professor, Animal Biosciences – University of Guelph

Dr. Al Mussel

Research Lead – Agri-Food Economic Systems

Dr. Yuri Montanholi

Researcher and Instructor, Agricultural Technology – Universidad de la Republica Uruguay

Dr. Jim Brandle

VP of Plant Performance – Canopy Growth Corporation

Dr. Franco Berruti

Professor, Chemical Engineering – University of Western Ontario; Founding Director – ICFAR

Dr. Marney Isaac

Professor and Researcher, Environmental Sciences – University of Toronto