Purely CRM Implements Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service for West Coast Reduction Ltd. to Improve Call Center and Customer Portal Capabilities

Posted: May 13, 2021

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VANCOUVER, British Columbia–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#customerengagement–Microsoft Dynamics 365 Systems Integrator, Purely CRM, has completed a large project for West Coast Reduction Ltd.’s (WCRL) call center solution and customer portal.

Originally reaching out to Purely CRM in December of 2019, WCRL was looking to replace their existing call center and online portal solutions. Their reasons for wanting to replace their original call center solution was that it lacked full email integration and was not an expandable platform. WCRL was looking for a platform that could be further configured and customized from the call center solution to work within other departments, such as sales, accounting, and others. As well, they wanted their future call center platform to have the ability to integrate and share data with other department systems. They also wanted to replace their existing portal solution because it too was not a platform that would allow for easy configuration and customization. WCRL found their new solutions in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Call Center and the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Self-Service Portal.

Purely CRM was brought in as a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Systems Integrator to implement the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Call Center and the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Self-Service Portal. In addition to customizing and configuring the Microsoft solutions to meet WCRL’s unique business practices, Purely CRM also integrated the Microsoft solutions with WCRL’s ERP system and their 8X8 telephony solution. Integrating with the ERP system meant customer data was kept in sync between both solutions and integrating with the 8X8 telephony solution meant incoming calls would pop customer records directly from within the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service solution. The project also involved migrating all the company’s past records from their old systems while building out their new systems and being ready to go-live with those new solutions.

Partner and Senior Solution Architect for Purely CRM, Ron De Giusti, had this to say about the project: “Working with the WCRL staff was a pleasure for the Purely CRM team. WCRL truly understands the benefits of technology and the impacts it has on their staff. We are very proud of the work we delivered on this project.”

WCRL has vastly increased their Call Centre’s operational efficiencies by updating their call center solution while reducing operational complexities with the implementation of the online portal.

Derek Quan, Head of Redux Services of West Coast Reduction Ltd had this to say about the project: “The Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform has really helped with our communication and connectivity between all our operating teams and multiple systems to provide a seamless solution in our customer journey. Purely CRM was great to work with. They really listened to our business needs and worked with our various team members to deliver practical solutions.”

On what was another successful project by the team at Purely CRM, supported by a great working relationship with the client, Purely CRM adds another one of BC’s key institutions, now harnessing the power of the Dynamics 365 platform, to their accomplishments.

About West Coast Reduction LTD.

As Western Canada’s largest independent rendering company, they are a Vancouver-based, family owned and operated company that started over 50 years ago as a single butcher shop. Now they conduct operations in Saskatoon, Edmonton, Calgary, Lethbridge, Vancouver and Nanaimo, providing a necessary service to farms, feedlots, restaurants, supermarkets and processors of beef, pork, poultry, and fish.

In total, we recycle about 1 billion pounds of raw material every year in Western Canada and help sustain our food industry. NOTHING LEFT BEHIND

About Purely CRM

Purely CRM is 100% focused on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform. As a team, they have been working with Microsoft Dynamics CRM since Version 1.0 which dates to the early 2000’s, and they bring a combined 50+ years of experience with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform.


Marty Hall

Managing Director, Purely CRM