What is the FoodShift program?

The FoodShift program will provide non-repayable funding for clean technology adoption ($2.4 million) to food and beverage processors based in southern Ontario to subsidize the cost of:

  • Adopting and integrating proven clean technologies into their operations; and/or
  • Engaging an eligible clean technology service provider to conduct assessment projects focused on food waste reduction and/or process optimizations, with the purpose of adapting operations to be greener and more sustainable.

Successful program recipients will be selected through an open call for applications and awarded up to $50,000 in project-based, matching funding.

Funding is available only for projects involving eligible applicants and eligible clean technology providers and/or clean technology service providers. It can be used to cover advisory, acquisition, and commissioning costs related to the project.

The FoodShift program is supported by a nearly $3 million Government of Canada investment through the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario (FedDev Ontario).

Read the official program relaunch announcement here.


We’re looking for food and beverage processors in Ontario who are ready to adopt innovative clean technologies into their operations. If that’s your organization, tell us about it.

FoodShift program guide

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Applicant must be:

  • A for-profit private sector enterprise or not-for-profit corporation ready to adopt and integrate proven clean technologies into their operations;
  • Ready to adopt a proven clean technology and/or conduct assessment projects focused on food waste reduction and/or process optimizations;
  • Generating a minimum of $200,000 in annual revenues; and
  • Incorporated in Canada and located in Southern Ontario.

Clean technology provider and/or clean technology service provider must be:

  • A for-profit private sector enterprise or not-for-profit corporation; and
  • Able to provide a proven clean technology application (at or beyond Technology Readiness Level 8 (TRL-8+) stage of development) and/or consultation service that that meets the environmental and economic needs of an eligible applicant.


Application Process

How do I apply?

Applications will be accepted between September 5, 2023, to October 6, 2023 at 11:59pm EDT, in a one-phase process. To apply, please complete the Application Workbook and Budget Workbook templates found in the Application Toolkit. Completed documents should be submitted using the FoodShift Program Application Form.

Email, mail, in-person, and facsimile (fax) submissions will not be accepted. Applications must be received by the submission deadline to be considered for funding. Please reference the FoodShift Program Guide while completing your application.

Only successful applications will result in financing and move towards negotiating a Contribution Agreement.

* Bioenterprise will assist in matchmaking organizations to create an eligible project. Please note, Bioenterprise cannot guarantee a successful match. Only projects with an eligible applicant and an eligible clean technology provider will be able to submit a complete application and be considered for funding.

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Application Toolkit


FoodShift program guide 
FAQ Guide

Application templates:
Full application workbook
Budget workbook

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