Laura Millson

As Bioenterprise’s Special Project Coordinator, Laura brings extensive professional administrative experience from both public and private industry.   She plays an instrumental role supporting the Member Services Team, managing and delivering impactful, results-oriented special projects.  A sampling of these activities includes projects related to provincial funding programs, design, and administration of the enterprise database program, IT support collaboration and office logistics.

Laura’s exposure to high-performance environments, coupled with solid customer service experience emphasizes her value of being an accomplished, conscientious member of the team with proven discretion and rapport when dealing with all levels of an organization.

In her previous roles, Laura has been an active liaison for senior executives, board members, middle management, and support staff at organizations such as Canadian Bearings, Pavaco Plastics Inc. and the College of Veterinarians of Ontario (CVO).  These positions allowed her to meet and work with professional industry leaders and champion major projects and events.

Laura joined Bioenterprise in an executive support role and through the national growth of Bioenterprise, she has evolved into the role of Special Projects Coordinator. Laura and her husband Murray live in Rockwood with their two daughters.