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Posted: Jun 22, 2021

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Meet MNP, a Bioenterprise National Partner

When a new venture is getting off the ground, important decisions made at the beginning will impact how that business unfolds. That is often unknown territory for start-ups and entrepreneurs and where a team of experts can make a difference.

Bioenterprise, Canada’s Food & Agri-Tech Engine, is building a Canada-wide network of partnerships, collaborations and services to bring together people, organizations and businesses involved in agriculture and agri-food innovation.

One of the goals is to provide expertise and support to start-ups and growth-oriented companies – which is what MNP, a national account tax consultancy brings to the Engine as a corporate partner.

MNP’s roots go back to its early days in Brandon, Manitoba, more than 60 years ago, when it started out with a focus on the agricultural sector. Today, the company has an extensive practice across all sectors and industries, but thanks to its agricultural origins, it has a particular interest in supporting Canada’s entrepreneurs.

“Our practice today helps companies and organizations of all types, and we work in different sectors, especially emerging ones,” says Glenn Fraser, MNP’s Food & Beverage Processing Practice Leader. “We are heavily involved in food and beverage processing because of our firm’s roots in agriculture and our ability to help our clients navigate new and emerging opportunities.”

The company also has strong connections with government bodies that make key decisions in how the industry moves forward, ensuring its clients are at the forefront of major decisions being made.

“For us, it is really important to support new and developing companies at the ground level because there are key decisions that you need to make that will affect the trajectory of your business,” he adds. “To be part of an ecosystem that grows these companies is really important for us.”

According to Fraser, one of the most significant decisions that needs to be made early on and will have a major impact on growth is how a new business is structured.

“It’s important to have a clear path and objective in mind before you start up – and we help a lot of clients with building a clear strategic vision.,” he says.

This also impacts tax structure and how accounting processes are set up, both of which will better position a company for profitability, growth and flexibility.

One of the key supports MNP provides members of The Engine is help accessing Scientific Research Experimental Development (SRED) credits, government grants and available tax benefits, such programs specific to COVID-19 relief, for example.

“Sometimes you may not know what your overall objectives are but having a discussion with us can help you identify what that looks like, what a path to growth could look like and what business plan and strategy might support that,” he adds.

To get in touch with MNP or for more information about Engine partners, programs and services, please contact Carla Berquó, or 519.821.2960 ext. 247 / 1.866.464.4524;


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