Nous travaillons avec des entreprises à tous les stades de maturité pour les aider à commercialiser leurs innovations agricoles et agroalimentaires ainsi que leurs produits agricoles novateurs.

L’agrotechnologie est notre spécialité. Nous collaborons directement avec les entreprises en leur fournissant des services-conseils personnalisés ainsi qu’un savoir-faire industriel et technique, et nous tissons des liens avec des acteurs internationaux pour faire progresser les agroentreprises innovantes. Faites défiler vers le bas pour lire les histoires de réussite de quelques-uns de nos membres. En anglais seulement.

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AgriTech North

AgriTech North

La mission d’AgriTech North est de réduire de 25 % le coût des produits frais pour les collectivités autochtones du Nord et d’assurer l’accès toute l’année...

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Le système de cartographique numérique des sols arables de SoilOptixMD combine des données de capteur basées sur des mesures de rayonnement gamma recueillies à 335 points...

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Korechi Innovations

Korechi est une start-up de robotique basée à Oshawa, en Ontario. Cette entreprise crée des solutions robotiques pour les secteurs de l'agriculture et du golf.

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OzoneBio crée le premier nylon 66 sans émissions au monde en utilisant des déchets recyclés de l'industrie de la pâte et du papier.

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BioNorth Solutions

BioNorth Solutions est spécialisée dans le développement et la production de "microbes emballés" qui fournissent des solutions d'assainissement des sols contaminés par des hydrocarbures et...

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Farm Health Guardian

Farm Health Guardian est un système de biosécurité numérique qui aide efficacement les éleveurs de bétail et de volaille à abaisser leur coût de production...

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pleurotes sac 4370 F 685x

Blanc De Gris

Blanc de Gris are Montreal’s first mushroom farm, growing oyster mushrooms in substrates – the material mushrooms grow in – that are made by repurposing...

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Growcer SuccessStoryImg

The Growcer

As a fast growing agri-tech start-up, Growcer is empowering Canadians everywhere to sustainably grow local, fresh food all year round.

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AdobeStock 410057963

Liven Proteins

A passion for turning waste into useful products helped inspire Ontario entrepreneur Fei Luo to launch a precision fermentation start-up, Liven Proteins.

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Success story local line farmers market vendor selling produce

Local Line

Local Line is an online selling platform for local food producers, and for many, including farmers, it rapidly became a lifeline in response to in-person...

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success story acid league bottles of fremented sauces

Acid League

After experimenting with countless methods and over 500 flavours, Mai and Pearsall developed a proprietary process that produces complex, concentrated and consistently flavoured living vinegars.

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success story sultech machine spraying field spraying fertilizers on crops

Sultech Global

Calgary-based Sultech Global Innovation Corp. believes it has a solution to replace conventional ammonium sulphates found in fertilizer programs.

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Success story wittaya aqua aquaculture outdoor fish farm

Wittaya Aqua

A young Toronto-based software company focused on helping the aquaculture industry be more sustainable has grabbed global spotlight with its innovative data solutions.

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Success story gaia protein cricket on leaf

Gaia Protein

An interest in the interaction between human and animal health helped veterinarian Claudia Koch channel her entrepreneurial efforts into the world of insect protein.

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Success story manning canning chrisoda shrub vinegar concentrate

Manning Canning

Toronto-based preserving company is ready to shake up the beverage market by introducing Chrisoda, a ready-to-drink, carbonated version of their popular drinking vinegar concentrate, Shrub.

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Anatis Bioprotection Success Story Image Crops in Field

Anatis Bioprotection

Anatis Bioprotection is a leader in biological pest control for the horticulture sector in Canada and the United States. The Quebec-based company can trace the...

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organic path success story lettuce growing in field

Organic Path

Organic Path Inc. (OPI)’s flagship product is a biostimulant of natural minerals, vitamins, oils, and extracts that enhances plant growth and health.

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Success story ground up ecoventures barista making coffee

Ground Up Eco-Ventures

Based in Okotoks, Alberta, Ground Up Eco-Ventures upcycle's cafe & brewery ingredients to make super flours, baking mixes & high-value oils that are great for...

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Cotex eco ventures


A promising start-up selected as a winner of the Winter 2021 GreenShoots Program has also just made a splash on the international stage.

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be FreshSpoke 800x553 1


An online Ontario wholesale marketplace for local food has expanded into home delivery and curbside pickup in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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henrys tempeh facility

Henry’s Tempeh

Rapidly growing interest in plant-based proteins and the trend toward clean, healthy eating is spelling opportunity for a Kitchener food company.

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farm tractor and tilling equipment from the front


Every time farmers drive equipment over their fields, they’re putting pressure on the soil. And that’s a major issue, both for agriculture and for the...

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Success Story ritedepth 1


When a potato grower discovers a batch of spoiled spuds in the bulk storage, tracing the problem back to the specific field location they came...

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local line header image

Local Line

If you’re a farmer, baker, butcher or any other kind of small-scale food producer, Cole Jones understands the challenges you face. Making your product is...

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Modgarden header image


Thanks to Modgarden founder Aamar Khwaja, countertop micro-farms may soon be as commonplace as coffee makers and blenders.

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Motorleaf header


Established in 2016, Motorleaf develops “virtual agronomist” software that learns plant growth patterns by analyzing millions of points of real-time greenhouse data: temperature, humidity, CO2,...

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Livestock producers and aquaculture operators worldwide fear microbes that carry disease. These pathogens may be too small to see, but they inflict major damage: wiping...

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Sedna Technologies header Image

Sedna Technologies

Today, more Asian and European diners than ever are sitting down to Canadian lobster. But just how good is the quality of that crustacean after...

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Soma detect header image


SomaDetect’s technology promises to revolutionize how farmers receive information about their herd and about the milk they produce.

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Success story vive crop protection farmer spraying crops

Vive Crop Protection

Vive Crop Protection Hits the Target When it comes to pesticides, precision counts. You want to maximize the amount that reaches the pest,” explains Darren...

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