Meet Dieter Valtins: Relationship Manager, Northeastern Ontario


Dieter supports the advancement of innovation in Northern Ontario by working closely with the region’s entrepreneurs. His day-to-day activities involve identifying high potential opportunities, developing strategic partnerships, and fostering collaborative relationships with key stakeholders in Northern Ontario and beyond.

Dieter grew up in a farming community situated in the small claybelt region of northeastern Ontario, and attributes his passion for the land to his grandparents who were raised on farms. Working with Bioenterprise, Dieter commits to all aspects of driving business development in Northern Ontario with enthusiasm. Whether mentoring diverse and riveting entrepreneurs, or exploring a new opportunity to support northern innovation, the task of each day represents a unique and interesting venture for Dieter.  


Location: Greater Sudbury, ON


Something that most people don’t know about you:

After completing a professional ‘defensive driving course’ – with flying colours – the owner of the driving school offered to sponsor me for racing academy (which I respectfully declined). I have also been told that I am a ‘closet computer nerd’.

What was your first job?

Hockey referee, and delivering newspapers.

What is your connection to food and/or agriculture?

I grew up in the little claybelt region of northeastern Ontario, where there is a lot of farming (dairy especially). My grandparents were raised on farms and to whom I am forever grateful for instilling in me a passion for the land and two green thumbs.

What is your favourite part about working at Bioenterprise?

Constantly something new and exciting! Some great people I work with, and the opportunity to help others be successful.

Have any pets?

Do my bonsai trees and vegetable garden count?

You’re given a budget of $30 to feed 5 people for supper. What are you making?

Then I am making a $30 donation to the local food bank, as they could make a lot more of it than I could.

A tip for budding entrepreneurs:

Surround yourself with good people, empower them by ensuring they respect you, and create alignment with your vision for the organization.

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