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“Your Office in your Pocket”

Posted on November 25 2014 | Author: Laura Millson

Benefits of having an Exchange Server

Many of us work on the run, -- no I will rephrase that – we all work on the run whether we admit to it or not.  With Internet access just a touch away we all love to be able to check “the status” of projects or just catch up with the office emails.   

Then there are those of us that are required to be in meetings; attend conferences and speaking engagements; to be travelling and away from the office for extended periods or have the opportunity to work from home and still need to be connected to the daily office “activity”. 

Email is a tool of today’s working society.  We all use it.  It gives us the satisfaction of making contact, a contribution and sense of productivity.  However in order to achieve that seamless automatic response we seek, you need to have access to an Exchange server to experience having what I refer to as your  “office in your pocket”.

Exchange can accommodate both PC and Mac platforms with the ability to synchronize with mobile devices to access email contacts and calendars from blackberry, iphone and android.  It allows you to access email anywhere  (in the world) with security and backup features that are seamless. It gives you massive amounts of storage space, control of your email client  (Outlook) with access to sharing features (like folders, notes and calendars), adding and deleting accounts, size of attachments and the comfort of backup.  Yes, backup!  So when your hard drive fails (and they do!), or your email account is corrupted, restoring your information is as simple as connecting to the Exchange server.  An administrators dream!

You can also access your mailbox using OWA (Outlook Web App) a browser based email client, which allows you to access your Microsoft Exchange Server mailbox from almost any web browser.

So What Exactly is an Exchange Server?
The Microsoft Exchange server application feeds data to a client application (in most cases Microsoft Outlook) which then allows you to use the features of  email, contact management and calendars simple and trouble-free.

Primarily designed for businesses Exchange is also suited for individuals who want flexibility from their mail platform that is not provided by other webmail clients or POP3 email accounts are capable of providing.

So what are the benefits of using Microsoft Exchange Server?

  • Security – confidentiality without compromise by outside sources
  • Backup – knowing that an email account is never lost and can always be retrieved
  • Accessibility – anywhere in the world with access to all the features of MS Outlook
  • Efficiency – easy to find and fix issues with monitoring capabilities to detect issues quickly before it disrupts business. 

Many tasks required to keep MS Exchange operating properly are automated allowing administrators more time to deal with more pressing issues.

There are many benefits to using Microsoft Exchange Server and many businesses are discovering that this is a program that they cannot do without.  Its worth looking into.

Laura Millson
Entrepreneur Services and Office Operations Coordinator


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