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2nd Generation Bio-products in Real Life

Posted on February 27 2013 | Author: Admin

Think second generation bio-products are only found in the lab? Think again.

Here’s a list of five ways you might have used bio-products before you even get to work in the morning:

1. Roofing
The roof that’s keeping the rain & snow out of the living room just might be made from a mix of cellulosic fibre and recycled materials like the products offered by Enviroshake. These products replace petroleum and tar based traditional roofing materials.

2. Insulation
It’s February in Canada, but nice and warm inside. That’s because your house is insulated – did you know that companies like Biobased Insulation offer GREENGAURD certified spray foam insulation?

3. Consumer Packaging
Time to get ready for work – shower, brush your teeth, etc. Even these daily tasks can involve bio-products! Companies in the Health and Beauty industry such as Colgate-Palmolive, Lush, and others are utilizing plant-based and post-consumer recycled materials in their products & packaging in an effort to reduce the global reliance on petroleum-based plastics.

4. Flooring
That new floor you recently had installed might be just as good for the environment as it looks in your kitchen. Companies such as Armstrong Tile are introducing flooring products that are manufactured using bio-based polymers from plant material.

5. Automobiles
If you’re anything like much of the Canadian workforce you commute to work in a car. What you might not know is that several integral components of your car are in fact bio-based! Seats, dashboards, and door panels are only some of the applications for bio-based composites in the automotive market.

These are some of the many ways that second generation bio-products are beginning to become mainstream – keep an eye out for bio-based materials next time you’re at the shopping centre.

Braden Kemp
Bioenterprise Corporation

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Kudos to the Harper Government's Position on Venture Capital

Posted on February 13 2013 | Author: Dave Smardon

Back in the spring of 2012, Harper’s announced budget included a provision of up to $400 million in funding; funding that was to bolster the Canadian venture capital community. Since that announcement, things went terribly quiet over the summer and fall. Many of us were left anxiously awaiting the federal government’s follow on announcement as to exactly how this money was to be allocated. It turns out that the government did its homework over the summer. They contracted Mr. Sam Duboc, a well respected venture capitalist in Toronto and the founder of Edgestone Capital, to review the state-of-the-nation within the investment community and to subsequently make recommendations on how to best utilize the $400 million.

Mr. Duboc presided over numerous “think tanks” that were held across the country. In attendance were venture capitalists, fund-of-fund investors, private equity players and financial institutions. While the process has taken much longer than any of us expected, the recommendations were recently announced.

Without going into too much detail, the $400 million is to be dispersed across four basic areas. They are:

  1. Support for two National Fund-of–Funds organizations that will ultimately support both the creation of new and capitalization of existing, venture capital firms.
  2. Support for existing provincial fund-of-funds organizations provided they become national in scope. This in effect removes many of the strings that provinces typically require of investors, such as investing capital only in their provinces.
  3. Direct investment in a small number of leading venture capital firms to help attract new investment to these firms and to Canada
  4. Support for the venture infrastructure industry, which would include organizations such as incubators, accelerators and angel groups.

To build a sustainable venture industry will take time and much more than $400 million. But as a catalyst, this capital should help attract at least three to five times that amount into the Canadian investment sector. To build a sustainable venture industry, will take time and this is a great start.

While devil is always in the details, congratulations to Sam Duboc for keeping the implementation of these new programs under the management of the private sector and kudos to the Harper government for doing this right, allowing industry to fix the problem?

Click here for more infomation about the Prime Minister's announcement regarding the plan to strengthen venture capital investment in Canada.

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