Alex Hurley

As an Analyst in Aquaculture, Alex Hurley provides guidance and support to entrepreneurs in the aquaculture sector. This is accomplished through market research, strategic relationship development, and regulatory assistance. Alex is also actively involved in business development initiatives for entrepreneurs, and acts as a facilitator with external organizations in the aquaculture sector.

Alex has a thorough understanding of ocean science and sediment transport in aqueous environments. In addition, Alex also has experience in spectroscopy, optics, petroleum geology, and environmental geology. Prior to joining the Bioenterprise team, Alex worked as a Laboratory Manager for BlueLight Analytics, where he gained valuable experience in the start-up space. During this time, Alex’s skill set has evolved, incorporating skills that are required as part of an efficient, and highly motivated team, such as customer communication, research and development, project management, product launches, and quality assessment/quality control.

Alex has a M.Sc. in Oceanography, and a B.Sc. (Combined Honours) in Earth Science and Oceanography, both from Dalhousie University.