Jessica Taylor

As Bioenterprise’s Acting Regional Manager and Senior Analyst, Jessica Taylor is responsible for providing guidance and advice to entrepreneurs through various projects, including business plan and executive summary critiques, strategic relationship development, market/industry research and competitive analysis, as well as public funding option identification. Jessica is also responsible for business development activities such as network development in the food, natural health product, and cosmeceutical sub-sectors.

Jessica has previously worked as a Graduate Student Intern at Bioenterprise Corporation. During the four-month position, she gained an appreciation of the links between agriculture, food, and health. Jessica has also developed a network of contacts in the agri-food sector and worked with a variety of entrepreneurs throughout this experience. Recently, she has focused her attention to exploring and communicating the regulatory requirements for food processors in Canada and abroad to better serve Bioenterprise’s clientele.

Jessica graduated from the University of Guelph with an M.Sc in Human Health and Nutritional Sciences specializing in Functional Foods and Natural Health Products and regulatory affairs. While completing her education, Jessica took part in multiple product development courses, enhancing her business knowledge and skills.