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Industry Front-Runners

Cement your leadership in the agri-technology sector

As a partner through the Corporate Partnership Program you will boost your visibility, and become connected with emerging entrepreneurs and companies, all while staying on top of the latest trends and innovations.

As a Bioenterprise Corporate Partner, you will receive qualified referrals to potential clients in need of your high quality products and services, as well as invitations to exclusive entrepreneur focused meetings to network and develop industry relationships.  

Other benefits include recognition and promotion in our marketing and communications, connections to our extensive network of contacts that range from cutting-edge researchers and start-ups to investors, executives, and industry analysts.

Learn more about value of becoming a partner with Bioenterprise.


Innovation Partner Services

Augment your corporate innovation strategy in agri-technology

Partner with Bioenterprise as a Corporate Member and receive access to our carefully vetted Innovation Portfolio — a  selection of global sourced companies with unique and compelling technologies in the agri-technology sector — all primed for growth and with high potential for global impact.

As a Corporate Member, we will also act as technology scouts to augment your team and provide customized scouting services guided by your investment and strategic goals. 

Other benefits include access to technology assessments, due diligence reports and our global network — more than a decade in the making.

Learn more about value of a membership with Bioenterprise.


Please be advised that the term “Membership”, when used in the context of “Corporate Membership” as set out herein, does not confer any membership rights, obligations or responsibilities upon any persons as such membership rights, obligations and responsibilities are defined in the Canada Not For Profit Corporations Act, S.C. 2009.

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