Boréal's Digital and Global Expansion
  • 9 January 2020

Boréal's Digital and Global Expansion

How this Canadian pet food company is breaking new ground on and offline!

Guelph ON, January 9, 2020 - While a robust and nutritious line of pet food may not be the first idea you associate with Canada, quality and community are certainly benchmarks of the great northern nation. These benchmarks are also the foundation of Boreal Pet Foods’ customer base, which starts here at home but is quickly spreading those values globally.

Boréal produces low glycemic foods aimed at reducing high carb consumption and maintaining healthy weight and energy levels in dogs and cats. For the animals, this means a diet that more closely resembles their ancestors’ intake, but for consumers it means a product that is largely locally sourced, dedicated to quality and consistency, and deeply committed to animal health. Canada has provided the perfect home for Boréal’s development, valuing the pride and community built into their business model. Utilizing seed funding provided through Bioenterprise, Boréal initiated an online platform to connect and offer training to the more than 900 stores that carry their products. The platform is part of their commitment to these local business owners that Boréal is there to support them.

“When a pet store calls to speak to Boréal, they are talking to me,” Says Dan Stevenson, Owner and President at Boréal, “that’s how we built our company, on connections! We aim for mom and pop pet stores, small businesses focused on integrity and added value. They appreciate the exclusivity, knowing that they are carrying unique quality products that won’t put them in competition with the big box stores. Our training website and sales staff ensure they have all the tools they need to pass that value onto their own customers.” The training website, a series of eight web modules, introduces frontline staff to a snapshot of Boréal as a company as well as  Boréal’s products and the basics of animal health. So far more than 400 stores have trained a total exceeding 2,300 employees on low carb pet food and balanced diets for pets, and that number is steadily rising as more stores enter the system. Beyond the learning, Stevenson says, “Stores like the fact that it’s a Canadian product, and that it’s an extensive line of dog and cat foods with various options. The majority of the production and ingredients are sourced here in Canada, and the returns on that commitment are excellent. We’ve seen upwards of 30-40% growth in the last two years in markets like Quebec, and that base of customers puts us in a strong position to expand our reach.”

Boréal is already active in several Asian and European markets, where the Canadian brand holds clout, and now they find they are on the cusp of further expansion. With Hong Kong, Taiwan, Israel, the US, and South Korea on board, they are currently working hard to complete registration for 5 other countries throughout the world. Stevenson estimates those markets will also be active by late spring and/or summer of 2020. It’s all made possible by the collective of local stores they have nurtured through personable service and a quality product line. The brand itself even embodies Canadiana, as the owners contacted Canadian artist Brent Townsend for their packaging design. Trivia savvy Canucks may recognize his name as the designer of the polar bear featured on Canada’s two-dollar coin, the toonie. This type of Northern charm is part of the assurance for both domestic and international customers that they are receiving a nutritious, high-quality pet food that is low on the glycemic index, but rich with Canadian pride.

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