Agritechnica 2019 - Bioenterprise Leads Canadian Innovation to Europe's Largest Agritech Trade Show in Germany
  • 22 November 2019

Agritechnica 2019 - Bioenterprise Leads Canadian Innovation to Europe's Largest Agritech Trade Show in Germany

Pictured Above, from Left to Right: John van Lierop (SunovaWorX), Nic Murray (SunovaWorX), Chris Hubberstey (DryerMaster), Darren Campbell (SunovaWorX), Zeeshan Ashraf (AUG Signals), Jake Kraayenbrink (AgriBrink), Jasmin Hofer (Energrow), Cody van Lierop (SunovaWorX), Dr. John Kelly (Bioenterprise), Jordanna Kalis (SoilOptix), Paul Raymer (SoilOptix), Bill Menkveld (Greentronics). Not Pictured: Marlon Wauchope (Nexus Robotics).

Bioenterprise Corporation, based in Guelph, Ontario led a delegation of eight Canadian companies to attend the Agritechnica tradeshow in Hanover, Germany November 10-16, 2019. The delegation was supported by Global Affairs Canada through their CanExport program, and was focused on creating meaningful B2B connections in the European market that would lead to global Canadian leadership and new market penetration. Bioenterprise’s Chief Innovation Officer, Dr. John Kelly, led the mission and organized the various companies into a cohesive Canadian cohort, no small feat with such a diverse group.


“Because of the scale of the Agritechnica event, our companies all significantly gained intelligence on working with European and global companies, developing business partnerships and showcasing our Canadian technologies on the world’s stage” says Kelly.  “Because of the coordination and support from Bioenterprise and Global Affairs Canada, including great interactions with our Trade Commission Service based in Germany, these companies not only have critical market and competitive information, they have a lot more confidence in addressing the international markets for agri-tech”.


Companies participating in this mission included SoilOptix, AgriBrink, SunovaWorX, Energrow, Greentronics, Nexus Robotics, Dryer Master, and AUG Signals, all who received support for the costs of travel and registration alongside B2B matchmaking provided by Bioenterprise. The mission included five days of business development and matchmaking activities on-site at the large-scale event.


Agritechnica is the world’s leading trade fair for agricultural technology, with 2,800 exhibitors representing 52 countries interacting with more than 450,000 visitors over the span of the event. To facilitate such a large turnout, the event occupies nearly 430,000m2 in 23 halls. The scale of the event matches the diversity of the technologies on display,  from prominent ecosystem players to emerging technologies.


Jake Kraayenbrink, Chief Executive Officer of AgriBrink Ltd, has attended the show previously on his own. He offered valuable insight and mentorship to the others in the mission, and says, “It’s important to have a strategy when approaching this type of event. That’s where I found a real advantage with Bioenterprise on this visit. The travel support is nice, but the real value was in the increased visibility and the on-site expertise. Dr. Kelly participated in several meetings, including meeting with Dr. Matthias Stettler of the Bern University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland, and offered key insights as we explored these new opportunities in the European market.”


Chris Hubberstey, Director of Marketing for Kitchener-based Dryer Master, found that Agritechnica provided an opportunity to connect with current customers, seek out new clients and understand the position of competitors better.  “Because of the support we received from Bioenterprise and Global Affairs Canada, we were able to solidify our relationships with our current European customers, which is extremely important.  The face to face interaction allows us to gain insight into their needs, and to provide them with the needed confidence and trust in our offerings” says Hubberstey.


Bioenterprise strongly supports the efforts of Canada’s Trade Commission Service in assisting Canadian agritech companies abroad.  “We have enjoyed a very strong relationship with trade commissioners all around the world and this has proven very beneficial to our client companies” says Dave Smardon, Chief Executive Officer of Bioenterprise.  “By providing access through Global Affairs Canada funding, Bioenterprise is able to provide much needed services and support to our agritech sector, as it is crucial to export our products, seek international investment, and grow our reputation globally”.


The combined efforts of these companies produced hundreds of B2B meetings, ongoing discussions on market access and an increased Canadian presence in a key European region. While full results are still coming in, it’s clear that the impact of the event goes well beyond the five days in Hanover. This Bioenterprise-Agritechnica mission is one of several being delivered through the CanExport program, with additional markets being explored in early 2020. Bioenterprise boasts a strong international network and its close relationship with Canada’s Trade Commissioner Service, opening many avenues for impacting new markets and creating value for Canada’s agri-businesses and SMEs.  Further missions are being explored.


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