Green Light for Cannabis Research Accelerates New Product Potential for Motif Labs
  • 30 September 2019

Green Light for Cannabis Research Accelerates New Product Potential for Motif Labs



Green Light for Cannabis Research Accelerates New Product Potential for Motif Labs

October 3, 2019

Guelph, Ontario


Motif Labs, a cannabis and hemp extraction company located in southwestern Ontario, has a clearer path to get its clients products to market after Health Canada granted a research licence to carry-out formulation studies at the University of Guelph. Partnered with Prof. Michael Rogers, a Tier II Canada Research Chair in Food Nanotechnology, Motif Labs plans to create a proprietary formulation process for water-soluble cannabis products including beverages and edibles. The research underway creates a pathway for Motif to scale-up their product offering, and will position the company as a leader in the Canadian cannabis industry.


Founder, Mario Naric says, “This research ensures we are creating the optimal effect without any wasted resources, and that efficiency is the true value we can offer. We are looking into factors such as how effectively the body can absorb THC and CBD, how to deliver that in a safe, sustainable, and water-soluble solution, and create a simple path-to-market for our clients with infused products. From beverages, to oils, to cosmetics, delivery will be made possible by coupling our extraction and formulation processes in a product slate that we believe will have a much greater market share than flower.”


Motif Labs is fully funded and their 12,000 s.f. facility is already underway in southwestern Ontario. They have received additional funding through Bioenterprise, an agri-tech accelerator providing matching dollars as well as mentorship and sector connectivity. Leveraging not only finances, but also building a significant collaborative network, Motif Labs is positioned to acts as a catalyst, providing expertise and formulations together, serving both cultivators and manufacturers of end products. The recently approved research license is a critical step in securing credibility and position within the booming high-profile industry.


“This collaborative project with Motif Labs to systematically build an understanding of how formulation variables alter product outcome is intriguing and will aid in the rational design of new product formulations,”  says Dr. Rogers.  “It is an exciting time as the cannabis industry will shortly be defined with the products coming to market, and to have an early role in shaping the marketspace is a powerful draw into this research space.”  


Health Canada’s approval for a cannabis research licence at the University of Guelph, sponsored by Motif Labs, removes the final barrier to development and will greatly impact the time-to-market and quality of their infused products through their work with Prof. Michael Rogers at the University of Guelph. This research comes on the back of Motif Labs’ new facility and their dedication to the extraction process. This development is a great showing of collaborative Canadian innovation support and the cutting-edge work being done in developing new industries.


Motif is a full-service cannabis and hemp extraction company, offering toll processing and white labeling services to licensed producers, retail brands and industrial hemp farmers.



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