AbCelex Technologies To Apply Its Single Domain Antibody Platform For The Identification, Validation And Development Of Novel Human Therapeutics
  • 1 October 2018

AbCelex Technologies To Apply Its Single Domain Antibody Platform For The Identification, Validation And Development Of Novel Human Therapeutics

AbCelex’s camelid antibody platform validated in multiple animal studies seeking to develop orally available antibodies for immuno-oncology, autoimmune disease and microbiome applications.

For Immediate Release October 1, 2018

Toronto, Canada – AbCelex Technologies (ABX) announced today its intention to begin applying its suite of technologies, knowhow and expertise in camelid antibody binding domains (VHHs) to the discovery and development of novel human therapeutics, a shift in the company’s focus.

AbCelex has built a unique, fully integrated VHH discovery and development platform that addresses the challenges of both drug discovery and drug development across a range of human therapeutic indications. AbCelex has been using the platform to develop orally available antibodies used to treat and prevent bacterial infections in livestock. The shift in focus by AbCelex will enable the biopharmaceutical industry access to AbCelex’s discovery and development technologies, including the company’s proprietary VHH platform for human therapeutic drug discovery. AbCelex’s experience and track record in successfully developing orally available antibodies for infectious disease targets principally for animal health and food safety applications will be leveraged for the development of partner programs and the development of in-house programs in a number of therapeutic areas.

Dr. Dee Athwal, who has hands-on experience in leading and conducting antibody drug discovery and development, has joined the company as Vice-President of Corporate Strategy and will support management and the scientific team with additional KOL experts. Dr. Athwal’s background in developing technologies and antibodies across therapeutic areas combined with his experience in building companies is a valuable addition to the company.

Cultivian Sandbox, the lead investor group in AbCelex, fully supports the company’s strategic shift and has made additional investment commitments to support the company during this phase in its evolution. "We fully support AbCelex’s shift in focus toward human health with its validated and proven AbiBody platform. We welcome Dr. Athwal to the company and we will continue to strengthen the management team and Board during this transition period to support the company’s continued success. Making a powerful drug discovery and therapeutic platform available to biopharma will enable the technologies developed by the company to be fully valued,” said Ron Meeusen, Managing Director at Cultivian Sandbox.

AbCelex expects biopharma companies of all sizes, from global pharmaceutical companies to virtual companies, plus academic and other entities, to access its Abibody VHH technology platform. AbCelex’s platform will allow for the discovery and development of therapeutic molecules that deliver potentially new treatment options for patients. AbCelex will now formally be seeking partners that wish to access the array of technologies and capabilities that AbCelex has developed while seeking commercialization partners for the assets it has developed in the area of animal health and food safety. AbCelex will continue to offer expertise and pipeline of products to the animal health industry for the development of much needed novel approaches for the treatment and prevention of a range of difficult to treat diseases.

“AbCelex is uniquely differentiated in the antibody drug discovery industry by the range of technologies it has developed and applied to the selection of targets and development of products,” commented Saied Babaei, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer of AbCelex. The AbiBody platform is validated for the rapid and efficient discovery of orally available drug candidates that meet target product profiles for activity, specificity and developability. “After hearing the needs of prospective partners and the realization the discovery and development infrastructure we have built could meet the needs of biopharma, we have made this strategic decision to embrace human health while continuing to advance and build our animal health and food safety franchise. The AbiBody VHH platform has broad applicability to a range of different therapeutic approaches and therapeutic settings. This versatility should resonate with biopharmaceutical companies of all sizes.”

Dr. Athwal also commented, “AbCelex is a scientifically-driven organization led by a team with deep domain knowledge and experience of VHH biology and utility. AbCelex will seek partnerships across a range of therapeutic areas leveraging biopharma’s insight and expertise in novel biology and combining it with our powerful and versatile AbiBody discovery and development platform.”

About The AbCelex AbiBody Platform
AbCelex’s fully-validated AbiBody VHH discovery and development platform is designed to enable the efficient discovery and development of next generation human therapeutic antibodies.
Validated features of the platform include:

  • Synthetic biology platform with demonstrated ability to identify novel targets
  • Antigen production platform for use in immunizations or screening directly against a
  • massive, highly diverse naive library
  • High throughput automated screening platform resulting in the identification of high
  • affinity binders
  • Ability to develop and supplement a range of in-house cell based in-vitro screening
  • assays, enabling the ranking and selection of functional molecules
  • Ability to tailor the properties and format of the molecules to meet desired target
  • therapeutic profile for a range of diverse therapeutic applications

About AbCelex Technologies
Founded in 2010, AbCelex Technologies is a biotechnology company based in Toronto, Canada focused on the development leading-edge innovations to address some of the world’s greatest medical challenges. At AbCelex’s core is a mission driven team of scientists and executives who are dedicated to using their expertise to impact the lives of people everywhere.

AbCelex develops single domain therapeutic antibodies for the treatment of unmet diseases. AbCelex’s proprietary technologies are based on its camelid antibody platform. Camelid antibodies are naturally a fraction of the size of typical antibodies and have properties that lend themselves to bispecific and multispecific applications, including several routes of administration allowing oral, topical, and infusion delivery. AbCelex’s therapies have been validated in multiple animal species through oral administration.

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