bioenterprise.caBioenterprise and BIOTECanada Sign MOU to Cooperatively Advance the Agri-tech Sector
  • 1 October 2018

bioenterprise.caBioenterprise and BIOTECanada Sign MOU to Cooperatively Advance the Agri-tech Sector

Guelph, ON, October 1, 2018- Bioenterprise  Corporation and BIOTECanada today  announce  the  signing  of  a  Memorandum  of Understanding (MOU) between the two organizations, solidifying their commitment to advance innovations  within  the  agriculture technology  sector  in  Canada.  Both  organizations  work  to assist in commercializing Canadian ag related technologies through a variety of support services and programs.

“There are a lot of doors that open when organizations like ours work together; not only for the services  we  can  offer  but  for  the  number  and  type  of  Canadian  companies  that  we  can  reach with those services,” states Dave Smardon, CEO of Bioenterprise. “We are always stronger and more impactful when we work together, and we’re excited to share that cooperative attitude with  BIOTECanada.  When  our  two  national  organizations  collaborate,  our  stakeholders  are  the ones who benefit.”

This  comprehensive  MOU  outlines  the  organizations’  intent  to  work  together  through collaboration with government and organizational programs, network development, support for each other’s events and meetings  where  appropriate,  and  joint  project  management,  with  the goal   of   supporting   Canadian   agri-tech   companies.   This   MOU   is   an   agreement   for   the organizations  to  support  one  another  and  their  respective  companies  at  every  step  in  their commercialization process.  The  combined  resources  of  Bioenterprise  and  BIOTECanada  will allow  for  more  specific  and  efficient  allocation  of  resources  to  maximize  return  on  investment for the sector.

“With the world’s population predicted to grow to almost 10 billion in 2050,  Canada  has  an incredible   opportunity   to   offer   solutions   to   the   numerous   challenges ahead.Together, Bioenterprise  and  BIOTECanada  will  work  to  attract  global  investment  and  talent  to  invest  in Canadian  companies.  The  two  organizations  will  continue  to promote  Canada  as  having  many strong  positive  attractions  already  in place  including  tax  incentives, funding  programs,  science-based regulatory regime and a federal government supportive of innovation that are needed to succeed   and   showcased   on   the   world   stage,”  says Andrew   Casey,   President   and   CEO BIOTECanada.  

The  MOU  has  already  sparked  discussions  about  delivering  combined  services  and  programs, with the development of appropriate resourcing. Opening each organization’s networks will also have  an  immediate  impact  for  companies  looking  for  partnerships  or  mentoring  services  since the resources of both Bioenterprise and BIOTECanada are now readily available. This agreement will  create  many  new  opportunities  and  expand  the  services  already  offered  by  eachof  the individual organizations, resulting in domestic and international growth of Canadian companies.

About Bioenterprise Corporation
Bioenterprise Corporation is a national, non-profit agri-tech commercialization accelerator, providing companies with customized, hands on business advisory services, industry and technical expertise, and global connections. Bioenterprise collaborates with partners across Canada to help entrepreneurs bring agriculture, agri-food and agri-product innovations to market, increase revenues, attract investment and create jobs.

About BIOTECanada
BIOTECanada is the national industry association with over 200 members located nation wide, reflecting the diverse nature of Canada’s health, industrial and agricultural biotechnology sectors. In addition to providing significant health benefits for Canadians, the biotechnology industry has quickly become an essential part of the transformation of many traditional cornerstones of the Canadian economy including manufacturing, automotive, energy, aerospace and forestry industries.

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