Speeding up microgreens harvest up to 90%
  • 20 September 2018

Speeding up microgreens harvest up to 90%

After being approached by a grower looking for a solution to the seemingly impossible task to harvesting microgreens with a machine, Bob Benner created his automatic harvester. It turned out to be a huge success. “We’ve reduced the time needed for processing a tray from 2 minutes by hand to a three seconds with the harvester.

Vertical farming, labor shortage, food safety, microgreens. If you had to list the top ten hottest items in horticulture these days, the afore mentioned would definitely be included. So it is not a surprise that Bob Benner’s business has experienced changes since he created his microgreens harvester – the machine addresses all of these subjects.

The machine, making it possible to harvest microgreens from the tray into the clamshells or poach without being touched by human hands, gains interest from growers worldwide. According to Bob, the machine can harvest a tray within three seconds, thus reducing harvest time by ninety per cent. The machine can be built for various tray sizes.

“We’ve sold 9 of our machines in the US, in our first year and had inquiries from all over the world. The industry is getting bigger and bigger. There’s a rising demand is to get fresh, safely grown and harvested greens, harvested the day before only, no matter what climate people are in.”

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