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Bioenterprise New Graduate Employment & Mentorship Program

What is the Bioenterprise New Graduate Employment & Mentorship Program?

The Bioenterprise New Graduate Employment & Mentorship Program is designed to assist new graduates enter the various sub-sectors within ag-tech, while supporting and enabling innovation in Ontario.

This Program connects Ontario-based innovators with Highly Qualified Personnel (HQP) and creates employment opportunities by providing financial support to mitigate costs associated with expansion. Cash flow and time spent recruiting and training are two common barriers to expansion for early stage businesses.

Bioenterprise is looking to pair motivated and highly qualified graduates up with innovative companies in the ag-tech sectors.

If invited to participate, the Bioenterprise team will work with the graduate to find a company match and facilitate introductions, conduct interviews, develop a learning plan, and provide financial compensation until the end of February 2018.

Additional program details, including eligible project types, are described in the 2017 Program Guide.


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Not located in Ontario?  Contact us and let's explore how Bioenterprise can help your company grow!  Complete our application form or email us at info@bioenterprise.ca to start the conversation!


How do I apply?

Due to overwhelming demand, applications are no longer being accepted for the 2017 intake period.

Thank you for your interest in Bioenterprises's New Graduate Employment & Mentorship Program. 

If your business is in the agriculture/agri-food, sustainable or environmental technology sectors, please apply directly to Bioenterprise during open calls for applications by completing a Letter of Intent Form. Please contact Bioenterprise directly for details.

For application details or questions about the 2017 applications, please email Jessica Bowes, Manager Business & Technology Analyst Group.



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