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Events by Location

Seeds & Chips

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Date: May 8 - 11, 2017
Location: Milan, Italy

Seeds&Chips is the International Summit dedicated to food innovation from farm to fork, where food and technology meet. Hundreds of startups, companies in food and tech, investors, thought leaders and policymakers come together to share content and visions, projects and experiences — innovating the food system is not just an opportunity, it is a challenge that concerns us all. Seeds&Chips is four days of exhibition, conferences/panel discussions, business matching and a hackathon, pitches and awards with the protagonists of Food Tech, Ag Tech and the “Internet of Food.”

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Vitafoods Europe

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Date: May 9 - 11, 2017
Location: Geneva, Switzerland

Vitafoods Europe celebrates 20 years as the annual event where the entire nutraceutical supply chain does business, covering four key sectors; Ingredients & Raw Materials, Contract Manufacturing & Private Label, Services & Equipment and Finished Products. 

Vitafoods Europe provides visitors the opportunity to source ingredients, raw materials, dietary supplements and services to help grow their business. No other event offers the opportunity to do business with more than 850 global suppliers providing 1,000's of innovative products, plus gain crucial advice and expertise to help make better strategic business decisions.

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Cleantech Forum Europe

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Date: May 16 - 18, 2017
Location: Helsinki, Finland

Cleantech today is all about combinations. Impactful and disruptive innovations of all types happen at the ‘intersects’ – as we have seen happen with bio and information technologies, and as with mobile devices and the internet.

Nothing could feel truer today for clean technologies – where the energy and resource-intensive industries intersect with IT, data, communications, finance, biotech, AI, and robotics. The innovations in both technology and business models are disrupting traditional boundaries between previously silo-ed industries. The IT industry is most obviously converging with the utility world, but IT innovation is also starting to change agriculture, waste, water, and construction – just to name a few very old and traditional industries. Entrepreneurs are finding innovative combinations to generate new types of companies, with solar and batteries being the most obvious ‘combination.’ Companies are also working together in new ways, forming partnerships with those that only 5 years ago would have seemed unlikely bedfellows.

And global ideas and trends are also wreaking havoc, where powerful streams meet. For example, the forces of democratization and personalization are starting to change the worlds of energy and finance.

At Cleantech Forum Europe 2016, we will be focusing on this idea of the convergence of cleantech innovations and industries. It is apropos that our 2016 host city is Lyon, France – a historic city built and grown over a period of 2000 years at the point where two rivers (the Rhône and the Saône) meet – La Confluence. Today, the city has one of the most progressive agendas when it comes to being a ‘smart city.’

All these ideas will play through our Forum as we examine the very latest in the ever-changing theme of cleantech, and as we get a glimpse of the future.

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Date: October 7 - 11, 2017
Location: Cologne, Germany

Anuga is the world’s largest and most important food and beverage fair — for new markets and target groups, for all the trends and themes and, above all, for first-rate contacts and business deals. Beginning on 5 October, 6,777 suppliers exhibited here in Cologne, representing a further increase on the figure for 2011. The fair occupied the entire exhibition centre, which is the fifth largest in the world.

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Future Food- Tech London

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Date: October 18 - 19, 2017
Location: London, England

Future Food-Tech, London 2017 brings together investors, start-ups, and food and ingredients manufacturers to showcase solutions, share ideas, identify opportunities for innovation and forge new partnerships and alliances.
All share a common goal: to harness the power of technology to feed the world in a sustainable, safe and healthy manner.

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