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Get Connected

We’re constantly collaborating, sharing knowledge and connecting the right people to make things happen. Our network of contacts in industry, academia, government and the investment community stretches across Canada and around the world.

To become a member of our network, contact info@bioenterprise.ca.

Entrepreneur Network

Share ideas and experiences with like-minded people who have either gone through the commercialization process or who are just starting out on their journey. Joining this network is free and comes with a variety of exceptional benefits such as access to our Professional, Investor and Mentor Networks, assistance from experienced entrepreneurs, access to world-class researchers, networking opportunities and more.

Mentor Network

Mentors are carefully selected based on their expertise and come from all industries bringing both general business knowledge and specific industry experience to the table. Whether you have a specific question or your needs are more extensive, the mentors in our network bring insight and experience.

Professional Network

Concentrating on the big picture can be tough when your attention is also required for the details of running a business. Our Professionals Network is comprised of qualified businesses encompassing a variety of business requirements. From accounting and banking to sales and marketing to HR and legal, our expert network helps fill the gaps for our agri-entrepreneur clients.

Investor Network

Through our Investor Network we not only try to increase awareness, but we also connect our entrepreneurs with investors who can build their businesses. Our network is comprised of angel investors, debt providers, venture capital firms, private equity investment companies, strategic multi-nationals and foreign investment capital providers.

Industry Partners

Our strategic partnerships span the globe as we work to accelerate entrepreneurs into the market. With the help of our Industry Partners, we have broadened our reach with more collaborations to come. Meet our partners.

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